JL Skin Fitness Ageless System Beauty Device

Ageless System Beauty Device

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Solar powered, micro-current kneading, A new high-tech way for beauty. No charging needed, you can use it whenever the sun shines.

Ageless System Beauty Device has a built-in solar panel for generating micro-current from the energy of light. Use kneading rollers to help microcurrent transmit into your skin, which can improve the circulation as well as facial muscle exercises, supplement bioelectricity of the body, and regain vitality and elasticity of your skin.

Innovative four Drainage Rollers for fitting the curvatures of the face.

The Ageless System Beauty Device has innovatively adopted a four rollers design. The spacing and angle between each roller is precisely calculated to generate four pressure points within one single roll, which can perfectly fit over every detail of your face. With the help of micro-current and a deep kneading action, you will experience a more scientific way in face care.

115° V-shaped Golden Angle

Designed rollers to perfectly firm and tighten your delicate skin. Medical estheticians over the world have analysed tens of thousands of female faces and came to a conclusion:the angle of lower jaw in the most popular facial shape is 115°;kneading rollers of the Ageless System Beauty Device used the same golden angle design to better your face care and perfectly tighten your delicate skin.

Compatible with any JL Skin Fitness skincare products, use them together for better beauty care.

The Ageless System Beauty Device is very compact and can go with any JL Skin Fitness skincare products to help the penetration and absorption into the skin for the most efficacious results.

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