Skin is highly unique, and no two faces are created equal. At JL Skin Fitness, clients can choose from four types of treatments: The Express, which is an intense treatment lasting half an hour. The Radiant which is one of our most in-demand treatments. The Renovation, which lasts a one and half hour and includes pampering options, pore cleansing, and extra perks.


Julie Lindh’s first facial, this cutting-edge treatment uses level 1 ingredients and tools and provides a simple treatment aimed at making your skin feel smoother, cleaner, more hydrated, and beautiful for days at a time. Ideal for anyone attending a special event or celebration!

The Express 30 treatment is ideal for anyone who is new to intensive skincare, or who simply needs a quick touch-up in between more intensive therapies. Customized to cater to your skin’s unique needs, the Express 30 treatment offers the following perks:
Pore cleansing to correct skin tone
Cell-energizing treatment to repair skin damage
Facial muscle fitness treatments to rejuvenate the look and feel of the skin
Hydration therapy to preserve your newfound glow
Like all our facials, the Express 30 treatment includes Julie Lindh’s exclusive glowing peel.

JLSKINFITNESS Micro-Needling Facial 
Designed for anyone who wants an intensive and long-lasting skin treatment designed to reverse the wear-and-tear of daily life, The JLSF60 treatment delivers radiant, tight, plump skin in a single sitting. Part of our Ageless Skin Program, the JLSF60 offers:
Clinical care for people who want intense skin results
A focus on building collagen and delivering long-term elasticity and firmness to the skin of the face and neck
Skin resurfacing treatments
People who undergo this treatment see results immediately, and the results last for weeks after the treatment concludes.

JLSKINFITNESS Renovation Facial
This facial offers “the works” of the JL Skin Fitness program. During this facial, your specialist will divide the face into three sections: The upper face, midface, and lower face. During the 90-minute treatment, your specialist will focus on each of the three areas with different tools for different purposes to help skin look and feel younger in a single session. Ideal for anyone who wants or needs intensive care, this treatment is the ultimate ageless solution.