JLSkinFitness Renovation Facial

Designed to address all of the signs of visible aging (loose skin, sagging skin, thin skin, poor skin tone, and fine lines and wrinkles) in a single session, the Renovation Facial is a comprehensive treatment that allows you to take advantage of several different procedures in one sitting.

Until now, there’s never been a tool that can do this. While some products are great for reducing fine lines, they don’t address a lack of volume in the skin or help enhance skin tone.

The Renovation Facial, however, does it all.

Meant to rejuvenate, correct, repair, and preserve the skin, this unique facial provides powerful tools that address all of the problem areas of the skin – rather than just one or two.

Unlike other treatments, which don’t offer any short-term results, this facial ensures that you’ll leave the treatment with glowing skin and that you’ll enjoy long-term results that persist down the road – for healthier and more ageless skin.

75min - $695 (Reg. $850)

Includes: Skin resurfacing, pore cleansing, Intense UltraSound lifting and Glowing Peel plus Julie's Ageless System Kit home care regimen (value of $95).