About The Founder

Julie Lindh, creator of JL Skin Fitness has lived and worked by the principle that “beauty is only skin deep.” Julie hasn’t just focused on high-end products that produce the best results, but a wholesome and holistic approach to beauty. Julie truly believes that if you feel great, think great, and act great, then you’ll radiate greatness. Your skin will glow, your heart will glow, and your mind will intrigue.

Julie is an established beauty and skin care expert, not only in NYC but worldwide. Her Asian/Swedish background has afforded her a disciplined and spiritual approach to beauty, making for all-encompassing beauty products and services. From early on, her Asian upbringing played a part in evolving her balance between spiritual and physical welfare. Her grandfather was a renowned shaman that familiarized her with the power of ancient herbal remedies. On the other end of the spectrum, her Swedish father was a physicist who attributed to Julie’s science approach to skincare.

Almost a decade after advocating top quality skincare protocol for some of the top ranked day spas in the beauty industry, she broke away to launch her own beauty business. Julie developed and continues to perfect a four-phased approach to skin care, working on correcting, repairing, rejuvenating, and preserving skin that is stressed, tired, damaged, and aging prematurely.

Julie’s approach to skin care is a favorable alternative to invasive cosmetic surgeries. All her approaches and products are holistic and focus on professional treatments and at-home care. A nutritionally balanced diet, cutting edge skin care treatment, facial muscle fitness along with a positive mind and approach to life, help clients to achieve the radiant skin they’ve only dreamt about.

Julie truly does love what she does. She tests all her own products and treatments so that her clients don’t need to do any of the work—simply enjoy the results. She believes in soothing the mind and soul too. She is viewed as a personal trainer for beauty and as an inspirational muse by many of her clients.