JL Skin Fitness PerfectGlow Radio Frequency Skin Revitalizing Device

PerfectGlow Radio Frequency Skin Revitalizing Device

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PerfectGlow Radio Frequency Skin Revitalizing Device

The PerfectGlow Radio Frequency skin revitalizing device uses mature medical beauty technology-- TPRF, to stimulate the generation of collagen protein and elastic fibers in the dermis. It targets the facial features in which age marks are more prominent, it comes with interchangeable heads to restore the skin’s deepest layer and to awaken the vitality of your skin, rejuvenate skin to return to a plump and smooth look, leaving no marks of time. 
By using the patented multi-array deep-wave RF technology (TPRF),the surrounding layout of RF electrodes forms an electromagnetic field, creating multi-level and densely interweaving heat networks on the dermis layer. The heat networks affect collagen cellulose and wave-shaped elastic fibers in an even and all-around manner, help create dermal collagen, effectively and immediately tightens the skin. Remarkable effects can be witnessed after a three-month usage.

Area Specific Treatment, Customized Rejuvenation

It targets anti-aging and other main facial aging features on the forehead, neck, eyes by using three customized interchangeable heads and different treatment modes. The energy range is adjustable, as well as the maximum temperature and operation time, All for maximizing the benefits of radio frequency.
Face unit: Oval-shaped radio frequency that can reach all angles on cheeks and forehead.
Neck unit: Strip-shaped design for intensive treatment of neck lines and double chin.
Eye unit: Fine electrodes that targets and rejuvenates the delicate skin surrounding the eyes.
Equipped with widely used temperature protection technology, together with energy overload control and vibration reminder, this device allows you to use RF technology treatment with comforts at home. At the same time, it effectively protects skin from misoperation that could result in skin injury or irritation.

Area APP personalized treatment, customized tracking history

The COSBEAUTY APP provides smart analysis of individual skin condition for the beauty. creating a personalized anti-aging treatment accordingly. It even generates a treatment schedule with reminders. Apart from this, the APP will automatically carry out a skin aging assessment every three months, offering you an up-to-date treatment plan, opening up a new era of customized skin rejuvenation.

Wash titanium massage head

The head unit is made of titanium, which is also known as the“bio-metal”widely been used in medical equipments, it can be even used on sensitive skin. Free your skin from irritation, washable design makes it so easy to clean after use.

Wash Contact charging, beauty with mobility

Get rid of cord, rechargeable device with a full charge lasting an entire week. The wide voltage range is suitable to use all power sources around the world. Anytime, anywhere, making your skin radiant.

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