5 Common Beauty Mistakes That Can Affect the Condition of Your Skin

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We often blame our genetic heritage for the unhealthy, unappealing aspect of our skin, neglecting the fact that our daily actions are reflected by our complexion. Even if you don’t smoke, eat healthy, drink more than enough water and exercise regularly, there is one other aspect that may be responsible for those negative changes displayed by your skin: your everyday skin care ritual. Here are five common mistakes that you may be making while trying to take good care of your facial skin.

Over-Moisturizing Your Skin. Applying tons of moisturizer on your skin is not the best tactic that you could employ, especially if you have really dry skin. As it turns out, over-moisturizing your skin may cause congestion in the long term; so instead of buying and using heavy moisturizing formulas, opt for a lighter one and install a humidifier in your home. This would be a smart move especially if you live in an area with a dry climate.

Exfoliating Your Skin Too Often. Proper exfoliation keeps your skin fresh and younger-looking, by helping you shed the top layers of dead skin cells. On the other hand, a harsh exfoliation routine (or way too frequent exfoliations) could inflame your skin. Also, you should make sure that the skin care products that you use are compatible with each other and help you pursue the same beautification goals. Mixing and matching different formulas may not be such a good idea; for instance, by applying an exfoliating crème in the evening and a acid-based age-defying crème or serum in the morning you could increase the risk of irritating your skin.

Sleeping with Your Makeup on. Don’t forget to remove your makeup and moisturize your skin properly before going to bed. Sleeping with makeup on could be very harmful. Just think about it: the primer that you’ve used to keep your foundation in place throughout the entire day has trapped all the pollutants that have come in contact with your complexion; also, thick layers of foundation left on your skin overnight might interfere with your skin’s micro-circulation, impeding its renewal process.

Wearing the Wrong Kind of Sunscreen. Assuming that you already know how important it really is to wear sunscreen year-round, can you actually identify the products that are right for you? Certain formulas may lead to a huge aesthetic concern: acne. This is precisely why you should opt for gentler sunblock based on titanium and zinc, which ensures an ideal level of protecting for your skin 24/7 without clogging your pores.

Squeezing Your Pimples. As tempting as it may be to squeeze an ugly pimple that has unexpectedly appeared on your cheek or forehead, don’t. By picking at your pimples you could end up breaking down follicle walls, spreading harmful bacteria. In this case, you may want to apply a sulfur mask to reduce swelling.

You can improve the aspect of your complexion by simply avoiding the common skin care mistakes listed above. If you need professional advice on how to look younger at any age and how to upgrade your beautification ritual the easy way, choose to meet me in person and get ready to experience significant positive changes that will boost your attractiveness and self-confidence.

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